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Author Topic: Leaky Bunk End Repair for 2000 Palomino SL Hybrid  (Read 4400 times)
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« on: July 13, 2010, 07:49:38 AM »

 Question  Hello.  I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience repairing a leaky bunk end?  Our good deal turned out to be a sponge!  We replaced the floor last summer and it seems that problem has been solved; however, the front bunk end is leaking on one side.  We are thinking that removing the bunk end and related hardware/hinge may be required along with a new seal.  I have contacted the Palomino factory and sent them pictures...still waiting on response.  They suggested we could bring it to them to fix which I'm guessing would be costly not to mention over a 10-hour drive one way. 

If anyone has any experience or suggestions for fixing this problem, any input would be greatly appreciated.  The bummer is that other than the leaking issues, our unit is still in really nice shape and we hate to give up.  However, we are getting the end of our rope with fix after fix!  Many thanks! 
Oz and Us
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2010, 08:17:13 AM »

Hybrid bed platform seal design and the method of latching the platform tightly to the trailer body have both improved considerably over the last few years so what you're going through with your 10 yr old hybrid is not all that unusual.  The seal itself has likely compressed over the years and isn't sealing as well as it should so replacing it with a new one would likely improve the situation but that won't address the fact that seal design has is much better now than it used to be.  If this were my trailer and my intention was to keep it long term I think I'd be inclined to have the factory perform the repair, under the assumption they'd be the best equipped to handle the problem most effectively, along with the possibility they may be able to offer an improved seal design and latching mechanism over what was originally used when the trailer was manufactured.

FWIW, when we were shopping for a hybrid in 2006 I found two units identical to the new model we were considering except they were a couple of model years older and as a result didn't benefit from the better seal design and closing mechanism featured on the new 2007 models.  After a lot of hard thinking about this we decided to pay a little more for a new model as the idea of potentially having to deal with a leaking bunk end platform on an older model just wasn't appealing at all.  We owned that hybrid for two years and not once ever had any leakage issues because of the bed platform seal so presumably our decision to go with the newer model was the correct choice.
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