ReserveAmerica do I land the campsite everyone wants?

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Hello Everyone!  First time poster, long time reader!  I was wondering if anyone knows how to land the campsite I want when it becomes availiable?  The campground is in FL and they allow reservations 11 months in advance.  Obviously there is a trick to it because the sites I want (on the water!) are gone by the time I check for availability.  Any help would be great...... Thanks

Marshal Dillon:
Telephone Reserve America at 9:AM central time the appropriate time before.   Here it's 6 months before.  Keep hitting the redial until you get in.  Have your credit or debit card ready.   Or be online at that time and keep hitting the refresh button.  Worked for us many times.   I wish you well. 

Well, for my home park, GSMNP, I simply stay up until midnight of the day that the sites are open for reservations. I already have my site numbers in order 1rst choice, 2nd, etc.

It's a hassle, but it usually works.

Good luck,


Pop Pop:
Welcome to PUX and good luck in getting your preferred sites. Trying to get reservations, for weekends in camping season, is one of the more frustrating things about camping.

The Sod Father:
Midnight online is the best way.  Works for me every time.


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